The Pros Of A Commercial Combi Oven

A combi commercial oven is an advanced kind of oven that has three modes of cooking: steam, convection, and a combination of both. The combi oven has many advantages that will be discussed later in this article. The three modes are discussed below:

The Convection state is where dry heat is supplied in the oven and is mainly used in baking bread and roasting meat. The main function of this mode is to brown the food and to remove moisture.

The steam state is where steam circulates in the oven and is convenient in cooking vegetables, delicate fish, rice, and much more. It is an ideal choice for poaching and steaming.

The Combination mode combines both the steam and convection state to achieve flavour, moistness, and excellent texture.

Benefits of commercial combi ovens

The commercial combi ovens are used in food industries mainly because of the following advantages:

  • Full control – With the combi oven, you have total control over the moisture and temperature by making the necessary adjustments to get the exact condition. This reduces the risk of food overheating and brings the required outcomes.
  • Flexibility – The combi oven does almost all the major kinds of cooking including baking, braising, thermalising, roasting, steaming, smoking, and frying, among others. Thus, it becomes easy to cook plenty of dishes in one oven.
  • Saves on space – Since many kinds of dishes can be prepared in one combi oven, it dispels the need for space to install different kinds of ovens each with its specific purpose. 
  • Increased taste – Since food can be steamed, much of the nutrients are retained in the food and this makes it tasty and beneficial to the body.
  • It is cost-efficient – A combi oven is cost-effective based on the fact that it is versatile and can be used for different purposes other than just cooking.

Is a combi oven costly?

Combi ovens vary in costs depending on different aspects. Some of these aspects include:

  • The company – Several companies develop combi ovens and sell them at different prices from one another. You will find that some companies are lower in price while others are higher.
  • The material used – The cost of a combi oven will also vary depending on the material that was used to build it. Some materials are considered durable and come at a greater cost than others.
  • The size of the oven – Nowadays, it is possible to request customised tools that fit your company well. As a result, the size of the oven will depend on the available space at your company. It is advisable to go for a customised combi oven that will fit well in your room and leave enough space for movement and other equipment.
  • The shape of the combi oven – Shape can also have a great impact on the cost of the combi oven. The shape of your business’ building will determine the shape of the oven you will install, which in turn determines the cost.

Combi ovens for commercial use are now available in the market and many food processing firms are switching to this latest kind of technology to meet their needs. If you are still looking for the right kind of oven to install in your restaurant, it is highly recommended that you consider buying a commercial combi oven.