Reasons For Needing a Good Excavator Cutting Edge

Companies that work with heavy equipment know that the equipment and the blades are affected by abrasive materials each day. These materials can harm excavator cutting edges and can dull them or even make chips in the places. However, excavators need perfect cutting edges to work correctly. If the edges are no longer the best, the work won’t proceed. It will be difficult even to try working with a dull excavator cutting edge. By providing your workers with the best excavator cutting edges, their work also proceeds smoother and more manageable. There won’t be any wasted time trying to fix or work on a cutting edge that does not do the job properly.

Dull cutting edges

If the cutting edge on an excavator is worn out, you don’t need to cut off the attached cutting edge or replace it and weld it in place, making you lose a half day’s work. Instead, you can remove the excavator bolts, take the cutting edge, and turn it around so that the other edge is now ready for work. If the cutting edge is completely worn out then it needs replacing. Once you are done working on it re-apply the bolts, and you’re back in business.

Having a double-sided and extra heavy-duty grade steel cutting edge means that you’ll be getting a lot more work out of it, and you won’t have to worry about the cutting edge getting dull for a long time. Getting the best cutting edge for your excavator means that your workers will get many hours out of it without having to worry about dull edges or replacements.

Having a bucket with extra capacity

Having a top-of-the-line excavator cutting edge means increasing the wide or tilt bucket capacity because the bolt can create extra floor length when sticking out from the fixed cutting edge right at the front.

There won’t be so much wear and tear

Having an extended floor means there won’t be as much wear and tear at the bottom, and the fixed cutting edge won’t get dull or damaged. Therefore, a lot more work can be done before there has to be any worry about the excavator cutting edge not doing the job at hand,

Extra thickness

Having a cutting edge with extra thickness can lift the entire bucket base higher so when workers are grading or digging, the floor of the bucket won’t reach entirely to the gravely ground, and therefore there will be a lot less wear on the cutting edge.

Having a rigid cutting edge

Having a cutting edge with double thickness gives the bucket a more sturdy front making it a much more durable and stiff bucket. Along with some bucket wear and wrap strips, you save on material and won’t behave a bucket that might clog up with added material. Having a bucket that moves freely can also put less pressure on the cutting edge while digging.

Just for these reasons alone, you should make sure that you get the best excavator cutting edge. In the long run, it will save your company money and last a lot longer. Your workers can finish each job without stopping to repair or replace or switch the cutting edge, wasting many hours. With the best cutting edge, you also save on money. Your workers will appreciate the fact that their job seems to go faster and easier.