5 tips for a green Easter Monday

Greenpeace launches 5 tips to spend an Easter Monday in the name of eco-sustainability. From seasonal fruit, to the use of glass and non-plastic food containers and the choice to spend a picnic in contact with nature:

  1. BRING THE SPORTA. For your Easter Monday picnic use a nice wicker basket. Otherwise a canvas bag or a wooden box, but no plastic bags.
  2. CHOOSE SEASONAL FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Buy bulk, organic and possibly zero kilometer products. Avoid those made with polystyrene or plastic.
  3. REUSE. If you bring hot food, use glass and non-plastic containers. How many jars of jam have you kept aside “because maybe they can serve”? You prefer reusable glasses and dishes.
  4. PUT YOUR CREATIVITY IN THE FIELD. Wrap the rolls in cloth napkins. You can cut out old fabrics or tea towels of different colors and use them to package food.
  5. CHOOSE A LARGE GREEN MEADOW. If you don’t see flowers or insects, worry. Probably herbicides have been spread, harmful for the environment and for your health.